In today’s ever-evolving life, transportation works are seen as the basis of economic and technical infrastructure – one of the strong foundations in the process of building and sustainable development. One country in which the measurement works is very important to get a complete traffic.


What does the traffic include?

As we know, traffic works include road, rail, and road traffic work for public transportation. According to the Ministry of Transportation’s annual statistics, the state has always reserved a certain budget to maintain, upgrade and renovate traffic works to serve the people’s life and economic development. in the country. And the measurement of traffic works is a prerequisite if you want to build a traffic safety and quality.

The meaning of measuring traffic works

 Road traffic works:

The measurement of road traffic works shall be conducted right from the beginning of the survey and the design plan. Engineers surveyed and measured locations and terrain for later road construction, bridges, sewers, tunnels, urban pavements, ferry terminals, bus stations.


Land-based measurements and study of the characteristics of the site make it possible for leaders to anticipate the road construction capabilities and plans to ensure both quality and aesthetics.

Waterway works:

Measurement of waterway traffic works such as flow, water flow in rivers, lakes, and canals along the bay … is very important in the distribution of traffic on waterways and at the same time help ships Boats moving on waterways are safe. Besides that, accurate measurement also helps managers to build appropriate embankments, dams, ports, and anchorages, build appropriate buoys and lighthouses.

Railway traffic works:

Field measurements, terrain studies also play a major role in railroad traffic – helping railway regulators protect and preserve the railways that are always operating in line with the roadmap. For complex terrain, frequent measurement is essential to reduce the risk to human life and goods.

For good construction and quality assurance, the aesthetics of traffic works, application and exploitation thoroughly, the survey and measurement of transport works are extremely significant. The regular measurement of traffic works helps ensure that the actual construction work with the technical drawing is accurate.

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