In the context of the economy, science and technology in the country and abroad is growing strongly, which is followed by new steps of the geodetic survey in general and geodesy of industrial city in particular – one of the major sciences, specializing in research, design, and construction of high-rise buildings, factories, industrial …


Throughout the process of construction, surveying is very important – it extends from the time of construction, finishing works until the works put into use and maintenance. This requires high accuracy along with process improvement in a sequential and very rigorous manner.

Geodesy of industrial cities includes:

First and foremost, geodesic engineers will begin to design grid construction for the project area to meet the specific characteristics of the project such as factory buildings, industrial parks in the city They are constructed in separate lots with parallel or perpendicular shafts, including factory lots, warehouses and operating corridors of machinery and equipment.

Although the factories are located in different blocks, there is a link to the technology line. Therefore, in the production line of machines are linked and operated by circulation process is closed and highly synchronous. Industrial park construction scale, the linkage technology chain is very large, requires very precise layout of work, the error within the limit. About Google TranslateCommunityMobileAbout GooglePrivacy & TermsHelpSend feedback

Why need geodesy industrial city projects

Xét về tầm vĩ mô: Khi tiến hành quy hoạch thành phố công nghiệp, nhà nước đều phải tiến hành công tác trắc địa để đánh giá tổng thể quy mô của dự án thành phố công nghiệp. Đặt giả thiết nếu tiến hành xây dựng công trình thành phố công nghiệp thì có ảnh hưởng gì đến kết cấu dân số, sự phát triển kinh tế của cư dân đang sinh sống. Bên cạnh đó, nhờ công tác trắc địa các nhà chức trách cũng có cơ sở pháp lý cơ bản để đánh giá độ ứng dụng và lợi ích của dự án mang lại.


Considering the macro level: When planning industrial cities, the state must conduct survey work to assess the overall scale of the industrial city project. Assuming that the construction of an industrial city will have an impact on the population structure and economic development of the inhabitants. In addition, the authorities have a basic legal basis to evaluate the application and benefit of the project.

Microscale considerations: Surveying is extremely important – not only helps the project manager plan the project, design plans, construction plans, project inspection when it is complete and put into use…

In general, in the process of planning, design, and construction of industrial cities, surveying work is always important and essential.

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