When it comes to geodetic tunnels in particular and tunnels in general, we envision complex underground works that require high levels of engineering and modern machinery to ensure quality, the safety of the works. Although tunnel construction works have not been widely developed in Vietnam, in recent years there have been many major projects such as the underwater tunnel investment project which is 1.3 km long at the gates of Ha Long Bay 2018 has been considered for commissioning in early 2019. And to provide information to make the decision to start the tunnel project that specifically here is the tunnel project The first sea crossing in Ha Long Vietnam, tunnel monitoring is extremely necessary. What is the role of tunnel surveying and tunneling?


The role of geodetic work in the construction of tunnels and underground works:

Because tunnels and underground works are a special type of construction – under construction underground and in the ground, the construction is very difficult, complex such as limited space operation, hot environment moist, dusty, visually restricted from many directions. And moreover, the construction of deep into the tunnel-hills is very dangerous, it is necessary to the site machinery and equipment to achieve optimal performance for the project.

In addition, all tunneling methods are quite varied from the most rudimentary method – drill to the most modern method – using tunneling machines. However, no method has been found to have the mechanism and equipment to guide the tunneling process, which all depends on the direction of the principal surveyors. It can be said that geodetic work determines the success and failure of the whole project and no tunnel or underground works are done without the support of geodesy.

Surveying in construction of tunnel and underground works 

Geodetic work is present in all stages of tunnel construction, underground works such as survey, design, and construction. In particular, for the design and survey stage, geodetic work provides topographic maps as well as other necessary data for the design of the works. With the construction phase, geodetic survey technicians must be present in the field to solve such serious tasks as updating the heart rate position, determining the actual deviation of tunneling versus design and direct decision making for the direction of the excavator or drilling machine.


Since it is extremely important to require all measurements, measurements, calculations and decisions made must be accurate without any errors.

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