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Terrain survey, also known as a topographical survey, is a study of the earth’s surface in general and ground surveys (vegetation, soil, soil, population …) at the site works in particular. The surface survey is important to help managers and executives to control the design plan, the construction plan, the plan, the quality of the project, the progress of the project.

In order to conduct the topographic survey, the surveyor must have a plan and technical plan for topographic survey suitable to each type of terrain.

Ground Control, Height:

This technique helps to identify the coordinates, high altitude GPS, the grid layout of the ground, height. However, the control net, the height must ensure the accuracy as required.

Surge Probe Survey:

It is usual to use more complete gauges to perform terrain measurements through cross sections. Then use the software to process the measured data and display it on the map.

Line survey:

The person conducting the survey should pay attention to the free or coordinated measurement method, the first-order Km0, or the one obtained along the Km along the line using this method. Considering the route to the field in a reasonable way.

Measure the vertical aspect ratio:

Vertical – horizontal. Measurement of the overall length can be made by machine or by the steel plate. Measurement of detail length, general height, and detail, landmark, mark number.

Measuring the cross-sectional aspect:

Use a measuring machine, measuring machine or letter A, over a certain measuring range.

Site clearance:

Conducted by site field method or on a cadastral map. Investigators conduct topographic surveys, then makeup straight planes, conduct site clearance surveys.

Intersection survey with other works:

 In order to obtain the topographic survey report for the design work, appropriate construction work requires the surveyor to conduct the planned survey plan. Besides, it is necessary to have the support of tools – specialized terrain gauges to ensure the accuracy and quality of the works.

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