Referring to the civil construction in particular and the works in the country in general – bridge, irrigation, industrial construction …, all must be designed coordinates Thoroughly prior to the implementation of construction projects. Therefore, the work of surveying plays a very important role in ensuring accurate design drawings in the field; Ensuring the geometrical dimensions and technical conditions and aesthetics of the works.

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The necessity of measuring the works

When preparing the project design and mapping, the first step is to survey the field work. Next is to do the land survey and then process measurement data to draw on the map. Drawings and designs designed for the construction work.

The items measuring the works include:

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Measurement of construction works:

It is a measurement work for the construction of industrial construction, civil construction works: factories, factories, skyscrapers … from the foundation to complete the works. These are the main categories of measure that Phuc Gia Company is doing.

Measurement of traffic works:

This is the work of measuring roads, traffic tunnels, bridge works … The traffic in Vietnam is growing, the measurement of traffic works is required more and more.

Measurement of irrigation works:

This work includes the following items to serve the irrigation specialists: hydrological survey, hydropower, dams, waterways

Measurement of other works:

This is the measurement work for positioning, construction, calculating the volume of excavation for the mining, oil and gas, coordinates and specialized height. Besides, it also measures for the construction of typical foundations such as pile positioning, bored piling, basement, diaphragm wall, positioning heart construction.

Each type of work will be carried out by experts with the help of various types of measuring instruments. Therefore, individuals and organizations need to measure the work to find the specialized units providing measurement services prestigious to ensure the accuracy of the drawing and implementation of the works.

Phuc Gia Surveying and Construction Joint Stock Company always prides itself on being one of the prestigious and quality measurement and measurement service providers with a team of highly qualified and skilled geodetic engineers. The advanced measurement software, instrumentation system, data processing after the measurement of the work quickly and accurately.

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