Apartment measurements, land survey fees, cadastral measurements or general house measurements are considered to be an “opportunity cost” for the landowner or homeowner for the measurement of the property. Geometric location in plane coordinates for the technical work of land parcel and house. Therefore, land users need to understand a bit about the basics as well as how to measure the cost of a home to choose quality services at reasonable prices.

There are two commonly used methods:

Option 1: By area (in m2 or hectare times the unit price has been listed.

Method 2: Fixed costs for each area. For example, to measure land parcel in HCM <100 m2 is 2,500,000 VND.


What is the difference between the fees?

There are a number of fees in the cadastral file, in which the measurement fee is a fixed fee that is specifically determined between the landlord and the geodetic office and remains unchanged throughout the application process. There are also other fees: service charges (where the landlord does not have time to do legal procedures, the company has to measure the work instead) – This fee is often much higher than The cost of measurement depends on the difficulty of the application, which is qualitative and can be changed in some cases to suit the actual situation. Other types of taxation are also noted such as notary fees, directory fees, personal income tax, property valuation, etc., depending on the circumstances.

The product after the measurement is the paper and digital map (drawing file). The basis for the following legal acts: assignment, inheritance, transfer of utility, demarcation, consolidation, demarcation of land parcels for drawing design applications. architectural, construction design.


A Basis for calculating cadastral measurement:

Water Dispenser operates in 3 steps:


According to state regulations, the cost of building a house is based on the regional minimum wage multiplied by the coefficient of labor adjustment, multiplied by the number of days to be performed according to norms and approved by the people’s councils. It is through, however, that in practice there are many cases that need to be adjusted to suit the reality. for example, the difficulty level, the distance traveled the low volume, the difficult boundary.


Phuc Gia Company hereby announces a number of house survey fees in Binh Tan District and District 6 for reference (actual fees will be agreed at the Company):


Phuc Gia Construction Corporation


– Measuring the status of house – land.

– Measurement for the work of compensation and clearance.

– Measures for dispute settlement

– Measurement of procedures for land allocation and lease.

– Measuring and mapping the overall plot.

– Surveying topography.

– Measuring the position of works, land boundaries.

– Measure the volume of leveling.

– Construction leveling.

– Design permission for construction.

– Architectural design of the house.

– Services for LURCs.

– Notary services, registration.

– Service for building permission.

– Real estate brokerage services.

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