Geodetic mapping is the study of the Earth – the shape, size and surface nature of the earth, the study of spatial location and natural factors such as terrain, vegetation, hydrography, .. Topographic maps, cadastral maps and thematic maps are indispensable documents in economic, technical and state management fields. Especially in the area of national security and defense, terrain maps are extremely important in planning and commanding operations.

Surveying maps for construction and state management:

Authorities will perform land-based measurements, processing data from there as a basis for conducting topographic, land mapping, fieldwork, fieldwork, Specialized for the construction and management of cadastral.


After that, the collected information will be processed and analyzed by the most modern and advanced technologies. It can be said that the product of surveying maps is multi-purpose, contributing to socio-economic development including land and real estate management, climate change management, disaster prevention, Irrigation, electricity, transportation, land administration … In addition, the map survey also brings little benefits for the scientific and military research:

Surveying maps for scientific and military research:

Because geodetic maps can be used for research and military purposes, it is required that map surveyors require machinery and equipment as well as certain knowledge of satellite navigation, remote sensing, geodesy, cadastral and geographical information systems …

Those who do mapping work will be equipped with knowledge of satellite positioning, remote sensing, geodesy, cadastral and geographic information systems … They are provided with specialized tools such as support systems geographic information GIS, GPS satellite positioning, land information system LIS, remote sensing, aerial photo analysis, digital mapping … The objective is to conduct survey and survey information space.


This information is stored for the scientific research of many different industries such as tourism, mining industry, agriculture … contributing significantly to the protection of national security. , national defense.

The basic of mapping is that. When it comes to analyzing it, it is a science, and a discipline in the geodesy of the university building. So, you want to understand more, please contact us or welcome to read the next.👍👍😄

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