For small or small construction works, it is necessary to perform survey work to ensure the accuracy as well as the structure of the works. Therefore, the need for the support of modern meters and equipment to achieve high efficiency in building construction in general and the task of surveying in particular.


Kinds of geodetic meters:

However, each meter is used for different geodetic purposes, so they have different operating modes.


The Theodolite is believed that a device used to measure the horizontal angle as well as vertical angle in geodetic work. It belongs to the field of construction to support the geodetic survey to be carried out quickly and accurately.

When operating this type of machine for surveying, surveyor needs to carry out some of these mandatory operations like a principle when using the machine: balance and center of the theodolite.

Automatic Level:


Automatic Level is designed for edge measurement, angular measurement and edge and angle data processing, commonly used in field surveys.

Automatic Level operates in 03 steps:

  • Adjust the three screws underneath at the average level,
  • Then take it to the stand so that the three screws aligned above coincide with axis of 3 tripods, by this way you will balance very quickly.
  • Finally, adjust the foam to equal to the three screws mentioned above.

Laser machine:

Laser machine is an automatic balancing machine, projects one horizontal point with perpendicular point and the automatic level, two vertical points of void used in construction and interior decoration.

When operating, user should place the measuring instrument with the reference plane selected at the beginning of the intended measurement (eg: wall). Then press and release quickly the button to start the laser beam. Target the laser beam to the targeted surface. Press and release quickly the button again to start measuring. When the laser beam is open permanently, the measurement starts immediately after the first start of the measurement button. Completion is indicated by a sound signal. The laser beam stops automatically at the end of the measurement.

Total Station:

Total Station is an electronic optical device with built-in distance meter, it widely used in the field of topographic survey and geodetic work at the site.


GPS navigation device:

GPS navigation device is a device used to accurately position, the accuracy can reach up to 5 meters with relative positioning method used measurement value of C1 code with the collection period from 1 to 1, 5 minutes.

Moreover, the common operating practices described above, each manufacturer of geodetic meter will have a specific instruction for user and have an employee instruct them. If you are interested in using geodetic instruments please contact us as soon as possible.

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