Geometric measurement is known as a science that performs measurements from photographs, in order to restore the precise location of the surface points. In addition to geodetic work, geodetic surveys are also used in areas such as topographic, architectural, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, police, and Geological. Archaeologists use it to quickly produce plans of large or complex sites, and meteorologists use it to determine the wind speed of a tornado when objective weather data can not. achieved. So what is a photo survey?


What is the photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry in particular and geodetic work, in general, is the study of the mapping of aerial photographs, terrestrial imagery, and satellite imagery. Rather than mapping traditional methods, the use of geodetic surveys is quicker and more effective, especially for land management.

Application of geodesic imagery:

In our country and many countries around the world have applied the method of image survey in the mapping and topographic maps of different types of administrative maps.


In construction:

Nowadays, to replace the traditional methods of construction in measuring the settlement, the deformation of the building, engineers often apply the image survey.

In industry:

Geodesy helps to study optimal design and processing methods, to measure the volume of mining, to inspect the assembly of industrial equipment, to check the quality of the molds in the industry. create airplanes, cars, ships.

In forestry:

Geodetic surveying is useful for forest planning investigations as well as for research on forest development.

In agriculture:

Geodetic survey helps to map current land use status, a map of crop structure, study the formation and development of cattle and plants.

In the field of the military:

Geodesic imagery helps to create topographic maps. Study the trajectory and speed of movement of warheads, missiles, airplanes, exploration of explosions.

In cadastral work:

Geodesy helps to build cadastral maps in service of state management of land and maps in service of land use planning and planning.

The terrain is tied to people’s lives:

In addition to terrain, geodesic has been widely applied in other engineering disciplines, especially in recent years, we have often used satellites, digital terrestrial satellites, Intelligent as Smartphone, especially google map satellite (google map) for geodetic work as well as social life of people.

Using geodesic imagery to find the way:

trac-dia-anh 3

We are no stranger to this utility of surveying – daily, hourly, it is always easy to see photos of road users using smartphones to view the map or determine the way. And to get that useful tool, scientists have to do mapping applications as well as geodetic work.

Geodetic surveying:

This is also one of the most common uses of geodesic – assisted in determining the route for the trip, terrain each step …

Using geodetic imagery to determine location:

In the field of real estate business, many users use geodesic images to locate, correlate four directions before deciding to invest in the land, house or not.

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