For the construction industry, geodetic work can be considered as an essential part to ensure that the work is constructed in the correct geometric dimensions and in the correct design position as well as for the management of the works. Construction of infrastructure such as civil construction, bridges, irrigation, hydropower, … In addition, want to work accurately and high efficiency, the need for equipment Modern Surveying – Total Station, Water Level, Laser Balance, …


What is the role of the surveyor during each construction phase?

In the planning phase:

In assessing the impact of infrastructure and geology around the building, managers will consider the feasibility of building the work according to the overall planning stage or the expenditure plan. Select the topographic map with the appropriate scale to map the planning options, general plans to exploit and use the works.


During the design survey stage:

Land surveying includes the establishment of a geodesic control net, mapping, plots and terrain sections for site selection, construction planning and technical design of works.

During construction phase:

Geodetic engineers carry out the task of constructing geodesic works to arrange the works on the ground in accordance with the design; inspect and monitor the process of construction; deformation measurement and construction drawing.

The process of surveying works:

In this stage, the surveyor works as an important role – as the consultant supervision to ensure the accuracy of the design compared with the actual construction. Especially, during the construction process, if detecting abnormal events, it is necessary to carry out a detailed survey and change the construction plan accordingly.

Finally in the management and utilization of the works:

The final task of surveying in building construction is to measure deformation parameters including settlement, inclination, displacement of works, … from which they inspect the design survey, assessment of the stability as well as the quality of construction works.

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