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According to the UNDP VIE 97/2002 project, Vietnam is one of the countries with a large number of reservoirs with about 10 thousand large and small reservoirs, of which nearly 500 are large dams with no major concentration. in the North and Central. Most of the dams that were built during the early years were dams, new concrete dams were built and developed about 15 years ago in hydropower projects. Therefore, the renovation and construction of new dams are one of the “hot” issues in our country, especially in the period of industrialization and modernization as it is today.

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According to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, there are currently about 1200 reservoirs with dams that have been degraded and need to be repaired and upgraded in addition to newly built concrete dams. Due to the continuous technical development of the dam, there have been many incidents of the threat to dam safety. Therefore, it is necessary to have specialized units to survey and rehabilitate and build new dams in our country.

With a team of highly qualified engineers working alongside modern machinery and equipment, Phuc Gia specializes in providing survey services for dams such as spillway, dam, dam land, dams, concrete dams, arch dams … throughout the country for organizations and individuals in need.

Dam survey services include:

  • Large-scale topographic mapping for dam design and construction.
  • Design, build and measure grid coordinates, multi-purpose height.
  • Consultancy and supervision of dam construction.
  • Software engineering design, consultancy and transfer of dam management technology.

On the application of dam survey methods:

The methods of geological survey work to collect information on the usual geological conditions of the works include:

  • Geological surveying, drilling, exploration
  • Geophysical survey
  • Field experiments (SPT, CPT, penetrative, hollow boring, cutting, compression in the pit, water intake, pouring water, brewing water in the boring hole, …)
  • Laboratory experiments.

Phuc Gia we are committed to providing quality dam survey service, fast accurate and most reasonable price!

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