Cadastral measurements:

Cadastral measurements are one of the most important parts of the entire construction process – ensuring that the building is of correct geometry and design. Moreover, geodesic work also supports the construction work more quickly and accurately than the construction from the practical experience without the exact parameters. Therefore, it is very necessary to have a weekly test of the cadastral measurement process.

So what is the cadastral measurement process?

Steps in the land survey process:

Step 1: Determine the measurement purpose.

Surveyors should coordinate with land users to determine the task of measuring the necessary papers and procedures for the implementation of geodesic work such as measurement for change, transfer of utility, transfer of land use right to separate land, land plots, plugs, disputes … The following equipment and equipment of the Phuc Gia Equipment Company set up a measure for the renewal of certificates of rights land use.


Step 2: Collect data.

The surveyor must ask the land user for land use to provide documents relating to land use rights and land parcels (copies may be provided without notarization) such as identity cards, household registration, old land use certificate …


Step 3: Determine the boundaries of the actual land plot and mark the location on the map.

In this step, it is necessary to determine the boundaries and boundaries of the land plots and mark the landmarks with iron nails, painted lines, concrete piles, wooden piles at the points and points of change (breakpoints) of the boundaries of the land plots. Locate the land plot on the reference map.

Note: The description of boundaries of land parcels should indicate the address of the parcel of land, the purpose of the survey to serve the work of the industry as well as the completion of legal documents submitted to the functional agencies. authorization.


Step 4: Measure the scene.

The use of machinery and equipment including rulers, distance meters, electronic full-length machines, to accurately measure land positions.


Step 5: Collate the old document.

Comparing with old documents such as documents, documents 299, cadastral map 02, other new cadastral maps.


Step 6: Confirm the quadrant and the master.

Export measurement results, compile legal dossiers and technical dossiers of land plots and certify to the owner of the dossier preparation.


 Step 7: Apply

After the final inspection, if no errors are found in the technical file of the land and legal documents, the surveyor will proceed to submit to the competent authority and receive an appointment letter to receive the new land use right certificate.


Summary of the land survey process

After learning about the basic steps of the cadastral measurement process. If you want to know more, please contact Phuc Gia company for advice and information.

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