The topographic survey plays an important role before deciding to construct a project. The topographic survey helps determine exactly the location of items, assess the specific conditions of the surveyed places on which to propose design measures, construction of works.

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Particularly, for large and important works, the topographic survey is very necessary to assess the stability and take timely remedial measures if exceeding the allowable limit.

What is the topographic survey?

Topographic survey is the study of the assessment of natural conditions on the ground at the site. This survey aims to determine soil structure, physico-mechanical properties of soil layers, underground water conditions and geological hazards. Such information serves the planning, design, and treatment of foundations, calculating the excavation volume and embankment.

The scope of topographic survey includes: Site control and elevation control, planimetric survey of the site, vertical survey, horizontal survey.

When is a topographic survey needed?

Topographic survey are usually conducted before the design of the works’ foundation. Topographic survey of works is a particular importance thing in the design of works in areas with complicated geological conditions, designing of construction of tall buildings and underground works.

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In addition, during the process of construction and use of the works if it encounters problems related to natural conditions on the ground, it is necessary to conduct additional survey. This addition helps have the plan to adjust timely, avoid the risks in the construction process that affect the quality of the works.

Thanks to the topographic survey, the managers can assess the suitability of the location and environment for the proposed works. From there, the managers can design, select the foundation solutions for the proposed project, construct properly and economically. At the same time, they can predict the difficulties and obstacles that may arise during the construction. Assess the safety of existing works, design, renovate and upgrade existing works and study cases of damage caused for works.


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