The topographic survey is an important activity before deciding to build a project. It helps to accurately determine the location of the construction items, assess the specific conditions of the route to be surveyed on the basis of which proposed design measures, construction works.

For important, large works, the terrain survey to assess the stability. From there, we will work out timely remedies if the level of stability exceeds the limit. This is very necessary.


What is a topographic survey?

The Topographic survey is the study of the assessment of natural conditions on the ground at the projected site.

This survey aims to determine soil structure, mechanical properties of soil layers, groundwater conditions and geological hazards. This information serves the planning, design, and treatment of foundations, calculating the excavation volume, embankment.

The scope of the topographic survey includes Site control and high altitude control, measurement of the construction area, vertical survey and horizontal survey.

When to survey terrain?

Topographic survey of works is especially important when designing construction works in areas with complicated geological conditions, designing high-rise buildings, underground works. The Site survey is usually conducted before the design of foundation works.

In addition, during the process of construction and use of works, if there are any problems related to natural conditions on the ground, additional topographic surveys should be conducted in order to work out plans to adjust the plans in time. Avoid the risk during construction to affect or damage the quality of the works.

Through the topographic survey, managers can assess the suitability of the location and environment for the proposed construction. From there, the design and choice of foundation solution for the project are expected to build a reasonable and economical. At the same time, when anticipating any difficulties or obstacles that may arise during construction, preventive measures can be prepared to minimize damage. In addition, managers can assess the safety of existing structures, renovate and upgrade existing structures and investigate cases of damage to buildings.

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