Vietnam is one of the countries with high river densities – about 2360 rivers with the length of 10 km or more lead to many natural disasters such as floods, which disadvantage the construction of irrigation. Therefore, it is very necessary to have an irrigation survey to survey, evaluate and propose solutions for the construction of the safety and quality as possible.


To know what the irrigation survey is like, we must first understand what is irrigation.

What is an irrigation works?

Irrigation works – in the infrastructure to exploit the water’s benefits: environmental protection and ecological balance, prevention of harm caused by water such as reservoirs, dams, culverts, wells, pumping stations, water pipelines, canals, works on canals and embankments.

What is irrigation survey?


The irrigation survey is known to determine the exact location of the project, to assess the specific conditions of the site to be surveyed to take appropriate measures, determine the volume of excavation works for the design and construction. In addition, for important constructions, during the construction and exploitation of the works, it is also necessary to monitor the settlement position in order to assess the stability and take timely remedial measures if exceeded. limit allowed.

Some criteria and norms applied in the irrigation survey: The person conducting the survey of the hydroelectric power plant must have obtained 03 standards recognized by Vietnamese law as14TCN standard 186 – 2006: The Topographic survey in the stages of project planning and design of irrigation works. Criterion 14 TCN 22 – 2002: Rule of controlling the ground level in irrigation works and 14TCN standard 141 – 2005: Rules for drawing cross sections and topographic maps of irrigation works.

These standards are clearly defined by the state in which the investigators cling to them and, based on the actual conditions, to propose a suitable construction plan with a reasonable valuation.

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